Images created with a camera are always a poor rendering of what the mind’s eye captured but with these images I hope to give a little insight into what I saw.

I realized that this inroductory “statement” hadn’t kept up with my photography – I am still taking a lot of nature images they are now balanced by other genres. Creating images is still something I don’t do very often; however, I am looking for images in a lot of different places and doing more radical editing.

Pedro Landers 2020

This Year's Images

Time to Pay

I have been taking too many images to update this intro!

We seem to have been doing quite a bit of landscape stuff along with the insects - people seem to have taken a back stage for a while. I have finally updated my "Best Images" folder, now down to 50 

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Recent Images

A Bird With a Long Tail

A Bird With a Long Tail

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