Images created with a camera are always a poor rendering of what the mind’s eye captured but with these images I hope to give a little insight into what I saw.

I realized that this inroductory “statement” hadn’t kept up with my photography – I am still taking a lot of nature images they are now balanced by other genres. Creating images is still something I don’t do very often; however, I am looking for images in a lot of different places and doing more radical editing.

Pedro Landers 2020

This Year's Images

A Good Crop of Seagulls

With both lockdown restrictions and weather easing we are getting out more! We did a trip to Lanhydrock which produced a few images and then stopped off at Minions on the way home which was also productive. After avoiding the Bank Holliday crowds we visited Ham Wall RSPB reserve and then Wells again both productive. And the dragonflies are out so lots of potential there

But don't forget the rest of  Morag's stuff.

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Recent Images

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